Thursday, 30 August 2012

J'ai arrive en Ponte di Legno!

Well, I sure can't speak Italian, so there's a little French for you! Just writing to let you all know that we arrived here safe and sound in Ponte di Legno! It was a much further trip than I had planned! Our bus ended up being over an hour late and then what I had assumed was about a 1 hour drive was actually over 3 hours! Thank goodness for Kashi Bars! We had dinner once we got here with parts of the Australian team, US team, Mexican team, Japanese team ,and Canadian team. Fortunately there IS WiFi here so I can continue to harass you all with my banter! Muaha!

I'm really looking forward to the next couple of days! I think its going to be just marvelous! It's really cool already just seeing all these different athletes hanging around the hotel! (my kind of hotel!) Hahaha. Today was a rainy bus trip up and I think tomorrow is supposed to be, too! So it's a good thing I have all my rainproof hiking gear! We might go and explore the race course tomorrow. I can't wait to see what the town looks like when it's daytime.. I think it's going to be stunning! I'll keep you posted!

Here's a picture of me on the walk to the Castle in the Old Town of Bergamo, it was a trek and a half! Thank goodness I wore my new Hokas and not flippy floppies!

The mountains here in Ponte di Legno look intense so far! It will be exciting to see what they actually look like in the daytime! Hope you have all had great days!

Love you bunches!

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  1. Rain should give North Vancouverites the advantage in the race!