Friday, 31 August 2012

Brrrrr.. SNOW!?!

Ponte di Legno

Here we are in Ponte di Legno! It's chilly and rainy, but beautiful! I never thought I would have to be running in the sleet when I was training for Italy! Totally crazy! It was snowing just a bit up from us!! We got to run a little bit of the course today, its going to be tough! There is one part that is literally the steepest hill I have ever walked/ran/even rolled down! I just started laughing when I saw it! Wowsers! That's all I can say! We went out this afternoon and toured the little city. It was really nice and hopefully we will get to go out tomorrow.. we went out during the naptime so basically everything was closed. But I got a great mugachino! Aka a normal american sized cappachino! Time for our team meeting though so I must leave you now! 

Love, love, love!



  1. Oh no, you said the "S" word! It's way too early to for that. Stay warm.......

  2. The bridge and waterwheel in the photo are great.