Wednesday, 29 August 2012

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Well today has been a day of a little TLC.. and by that I mean taking a coma! My room has one fancy smancy skylight/window that has these electric blinds you close with a switch and after shutting it last night I was amazed with the absolute pitch dark I was plunged into! And no.. it’s not what you think.. I’m not a vampire.. I know I’m pale… destroy blue rare steaks… and sparkle in the sun (at least when I’m working out, sweeeaty!), but I’m just a human. Anyways, I woke up at 5am to pitch darkness and was like: a) “whoa, it’s pitch black!” b) “breakfast isn’t being served for another 2 hours, I better go back to sleep”. So I went back to sleep and woke up again, after some weird dreams of bears and lakes, to pitch darkness. I checked my phone.. 3pm?! In Vancouver time??? Nope.. here in Bergamo! Eep! Talk about a coma! I guess if you divided my sleep up into 2 it would be the right amount of hours for 2 nights. Go, body, go! Hahaha!

Along these lines, Here’s a big ups to Eddie for teaching me how to roll out my muscles on Monday! My feet have been bugging me for the last 2 weeks and preventing me from running, which I’ve supplemented with other crosstraining.. including the pool! Yes, back in the chlorine! Anyways, on with my point here. I mentioned it to Eddie and he spent a big chunk of time with me and helped me roll out my feet and legs and holy smokes! I had no idea I was so tight! One of the most painful, but best things ever! It made the biggest difference and now I am on a quest to continue doing it as my body clearly needs it! (I swear it must have been a build up of like the last 23 years of my life!) I ran into a problem yesterday though.. I forgot to bring my lacrosse ball! How is one supposed to roll out muscles without a ball?! Well, I’ll tell you, because I’m kind like that and don’t want you to lose sleep..

Taadaaa! This my friends is what they call innovation! Plus it made for a really juicy apple ;)

Love you all,



  1. Sleep is GOOD!!!!! Perhaps you can get a a bocci ball to substitute.

  2. Oh ya, Your fish seems very happy in its new temporary home.

  3. I use an old road hockey ball but a tennis ball works in a pinch too