Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Carbo dreams in Italia!

There's no place like Italy to carbo-load! So what if the race is days away.. and it's less than 9km.. and well who cares! All I can say is yum!

Needless to say, I've arrived here in Bergamo! It's a cute little area! Nice to arrive in a smaller town. I'm staying in a pretty sweet hotel here.. it's got a rain shower and bidet! How does one even use a bidet? Wait.. don't answer that. I don't want to know! I will continue to use it as a fancy towel rack. I didn't sleep a wink on the plane rides (not much of a surprise there), so after arriving and becoming human again with a hot shower and fresh clothes, I set about exploring the lower town of Bergamo. Lot's of good shopping if you are into that sort of thing and just beautiful buildings and sculptures! Oh and to all those who doubted me... I FOUND APPLES! Muahahaha! I learnt that you need to put your own stickers on your produce at the grocery store though.. that was interesting being sent back to the produceland when you just want to pay.. But my two Granny Smiths were well worth the attractive blank look on my face when they tried to tell me in Italian to get a sticker (I think). One was a pre-pasta snack and then other... well just wait for my next post. There's even a few nice parks (with dogs swimmin in the fountains and everything! Well, I exaggerate.. it was only one and it was super cute).

I took a nice night run up to the old town tonight and found a guys soccer game to watch! Soccer in Italy! Who would have thunk it!? So naturally I pranced around the field a couple of times before carrying on my way. I must say it's very nice here so far!

Tomorrow I am off to explore the old town with a friend I made on the flight over, Lisa. I hope her luggage has arrived.. it got lost today! Poor lady! Anyways, I'm off to try to catch some shut eye!

Mucho Love,


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  1. Great looking pasta. Just a bit better than the one I cooked tonight.