Monday, 27 August 2012

All Aboard!

Well it's finally the time....

Italy, here I come! But first the plane ride! I just got on board my 10 hour flight to Frankfurt! This will be an adventure in itself.. Shannon.. sitting still for this long?! Is it possible?? There might be some relay races around the aisles. If you can jump a passenger, you can run a mountain, right??

Wish me a safe flight and I'll let you all know when I arrive.. Hopefully there won't be too many injured passengers from my fidgeting. The good news is that I did bring my laptop and season two of Heros.. plus some cartoons for good measure! ;)

Love you all so much and thanks for all of your support!


PS. I'll let you know what the airplane food tastes like.. I do have a backup Subway sandwich and last minute energy bar grabs just incase. :P


  1. I hope you have a great flight Shannon and a great adventure! Keep in touch when you can... LOVE YOU, Grandma

  2. Got to love that airplane food.