Sunday, 1 September 2013

Dzień Dobry

Good morning!!

Hope you had a great slumber! I'm back to update you on my days! Hurray!! 


Talk about feeling the time difference! The day before had been great- didn't really notice a difference at all and I went to bed nice and tired like I should have been.. but then woke up at 2am.. my body was convinced it should have been awake and should be eating dinner! I tried very hard to tell it otherwise.. sweet talk it into considering the possibility of sleep and me.. but it was a tough cookie~ At 6am I called it quits and got up and doodled around until 625am so that I could get some breakie that starts at 6:30am. After some healthy oats, fruit and yogurt I said what the heck, lets hit the road and see if I can run to the lake I had read about the night before! Followed the waterfront path all the way to one of the bridges when I brought out the tourist map (flashing sign for people to point and laugh.. not really, but you know what i mean) and I navigated through some tiny and some busy streets to find the entrance to the park. It had a paved road that I ran along into it and it was there I ran into a whole bunch of movie set crews! They were filming that day but luckily hadnt started because.. who else is awake at that hour, so I was able to run through and with the help of sign language I was able to find the quarry and lake!! WOW! Beauuuutiful!! I ran a bit around the lake, took some pics and found the biggest snails ever! They must feed them MiracleGrow out here.. it was the size of my index finger!! I'll have to put up a pic to show you!! 

The path was very cool, but unfortunately there was a ton of post partying litter and garbage! Boo! Why do people do that to trails?!!? The run was feeling good but then my tummy started really being unhappy. I had some pain the "night" before-when i lay awake, but didn't think anything of it.. maybe should have. After seeing the lake and taking as many pics as I could, i headed off running back to the hotel. I ended up having to stop and walk early to keep my tummy attached, but I made it back! That's what counts! 

A bit later I could be found passed out sleeping on the bed with the sunshine streaming in for a solid two hours. Bleeeeeh! But I was feeling better than before and promptly ate my peanut butter n banana sanny. nom noms. Since it was only about 2, I was able to finish my original plan for the day... THE ZOO!!! YAAAAY! I havent been to the zoo since i was a wee little one!! So excited!! I caught a bus there and had a blast seeing all the animals! It was a great zoo! They had all the major animals you expect and hope for at the zoo like tigers, lions, elephants and sea lions.. but they had two animals that really blew my mind... RACCOONS AND CANADIAN GEESE! (oh and a skunk too) Bahahahhah!! Sooo funny to see these animals we consider pests featured at the zoo! hahahhahha! I guess that's what people from other areas think when they come to our zoo too! The chimpanzee scared the beans out of a group of tourists when it jumped at them, the gorilla climbed the hanging tires, the tiger stood and layed back down, the sea lion smiled and made goo-goo eyes and the little tiny monkey had enough off my pictures and turned him bum to me. IT WAS AWESOME!

Had some delicious cabbage rolls and some sort of grilled polish cheese for dinner and had a nice relaxing evening :) Oh and Joel ran another amazing ultra-marathon along the Baden Powell!!! Just had to say that I'm so proud of him! It's a grueling trail! Only wish I could have been running with him this weekend like we did all summer! Great work!!! 

Oh yeah! I almost forgot.. when I was finishing up dinner.. look what rolled up! A tricked out carriage!! Dwwwaaaaaaammmnnnn! Lol!

Anyways... this is really long so Ill just write about yesterday and make todays later on so i don't make you go cross eyed. 

Love, love, love! 


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