Friday, 30 August 2013

Cześć, Kraków!

Aka.. Hi, Krakow!!

I've arrived save and sound at my hotel last night and have been out and about running around Krakow all day! Needless to say.. my feet are now tired and sore and so I'm being a bed potato and blogging! Hurraaaah for you! You get to read my rambles! So now for your eyes content, enjoy!

The Stare Miasto hosts the awesome Old Town and luckily for me, its only a short run or walk away! Today I decided to explore it in the best way I know.. running! Strapping on my hot pink Brooks Pure Flows and matching hot pink Nathan handheld, I hit the roads this morning! There is a gorgeous green belt that surrounds the Old Town called the Planty which is perfect for running (although I didn't see any other runners), biking and strolling. Hidden in the green belt there's tons of benches, statues, monuments, water features and gardens. It was really nice to get a bit of my green fix for the day after so much plane and bus time yesterday! 
Near the water is Wawel Castle, which I had to run to obviously (much to the confusion in some peoples faces when I was speedy and they were stationary/slowitary) haha yes I just made up slowitary incase you are wondering. It's a really neat little castle! Loved the views of the water out front and the big castle doors!

The Old Town features cobblestone roads, few cars, tons of stores, outdoor markets, restaurants, souveniers, tourists and fun! It reminded me a bit of Italy, but was very much Polish, not Italian! There were horse drawn carriage tours, people dressed in costumes (knights, polish outfits, and scary grim reapers and, most, randomly of all Tigger). Don't ask, cuz I don't know! Lol! I loved seeing the huts filled with massive grills covered in meat, sausages, saurkraut, veggies and potatoes! There are pretzels everywhere too! Holy smokes! I must have ran and walked past no fewer than 20 little pretzel carts! Hahaha! No shortage of carbs here! I would absolutely reccommend checking this place out if you are ever in Krakow! One favourite was a metalwork stand where they not only sold forged metal, but were hammering it right there! SOO COOL! I spent a ton of time hanging out infront if that place just watching! Way better than TV!
I've stalked up on crucial food items after finding a grocery store.. aka bananas, peanut butter (yes I was able to find it, Joel you were right!) and bread.. hellooooo peanut butter and banana sandwich! And discovered the best pirogies I've ever eaten at Zapiecek Polskie Pierogarnie! They have a ton of different fillings and are super affordable! Plus the borscht was good too! My first real Polish meal! The pork neck, tomato salad and potatoes didnt feel as polish as this did! Hahah 

Anyways, I'm waiting on the weather to see what I get up to tomorrow so you will have to wait and see.. just like me! Hahah

Love you all and take care!


~Run happy, live happy, be happy~

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