Wednesday, 4 September 2013

No Where to Go, But Up!

Wow! Was today ever spectacular!! It started off right with a nice healthy breakfast of oats, raisins and hot milk and some egg whites with a slab of smoked cheese on toast. No fruit this time.. I think I've discovered the upset tummy issue wasnt food poisoning.. it was allergies to pinapple which was in the fruit salad.. I'm assuming its all doused in pineapple juice from the can cuz I picked out all the pieces.. I discovered this after some eye swelling after eating fruit and oats and yogurt the other morning. So I will stick with my apples and bananas I have in my food stash in my room! Hahahah!

Anyways, on with my story! So I ran into town to get a bike to both get my workout in and explore around some more. My buddy that I made friends with was working there again and he hooked me up with a sweet bike and pink helmet to match my pink shirt! Woohoo!! I rode along the whole waterfront and then went up to this old fort! It was so cool!! I couldn't believe the view from it.. ( i even paid the 9zl they charged (supposed to be 11zl, but they dont like giving change back really and maybe he was just nice to me well, yes he was just nice to me! Hhahah so he let me pay the kids rate.) This big grassy mound is in the middle of the fort that has an astounding view of all of Krakow! It was gorgeous!!!

Well when I was in the fort.. I saw something that must be a requirement for every castle built.. ever. Now I know you must be wondering.. what is this?! Turrets? A drawbridge?! Cannons?! Nie! It is a DISCO BALL! It's not a castle without a disco ball folks! They knew how to live in up back in the day! :D

Looking up at it I knew it was going to be great and it made me happy I didnt have to run straight up! But it sure reminded me of the Aussie's team slogan for mountain running last year.. "no where to go but up!' It was perfect!!

After riding around for 3 hours and hanging out in the fort taking pictures and exploring for another hour I decided it was probably time to head back because I'm supposed to be taking it easy. lol. So i returned the bike and chilled out in the main square to enjoy some people watching and light greek yogurt that I found in the little grocery shop! I might have been the only weirdo there in athletic gear, stretching and eating healthy high protein post workout snacks... okay yes, fine i admit.. i was the only weirdo doing that!

It was a gorgeous day and I really loved being out there! I found some whole wheat pasta for dins (a shocking surprise!) and had a nice relaxing evening in the hotel. I can't believe I head to Kryinca so soon!! It's starting to become real again!! Ahhhhh!! Exciting! I'm starting to feel a bit nervous now too! Can't wait!

Love and hugs,


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