Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Wieliczka Salt Mine!

I made sure to wake up early and leave early to make sure I had time to catch my bus time! No diddle daddling! And yes, I made it with plenty of time to spare! I proudly stood out front and waited for the bus after being a major keener and being one of the first people there! Hahaha. Anyways, our group was smaller so our guide was saying with only 21 people. It was a nice size group and people seemed to be from everywhere.. yet everyone pretty much kept to themselves. So many people speak multiple languages in Europe! It's so cool. Everyone was on the English tour, but I could pick out at least 4 different languages spoken just within our group too. The salt mine was really cool! I had no idea how big it was! In the 2 hours we spent inside of the mine, we saw less that 1% of the mine!! Crazy, we covered 2km walking too!

The mine itself was really cool, we started it off by going down a ton of wooden stairs.. which of course I considered running up, (as it turns out theres actually a firefighters race that does that carrying all their gear!) The tunnels are dug right into the salt which is so cool! Our guide Sebastian was showing us that even though it looked grey, the floor, walls and statues were all actually made of salt and when you held a light up to it is when translucent!

That's one thing I didn't expect.. all the incredible carvings!! It was beautiful to have these elaborate decorations in the mines against all the rough old wooden machines on display. One of the coolest things I saw other than the salt that looked like cauliflower, was the chandeliers made of salt crystals! Sooo amazing!!!

At the end of the tour we were able to take the miners elevator up which packed 9 people into a tiny compartment, much like the sardines of the Grouse Mountain Gondola in the peak of the winter season! It was a suuuper fast elevator and whipped us up 125m in no time!!

After the tour, I headed back to the hotel and had a nice little workout in the old but decent gym at the hotel. After that I was a good girl and rolled and stretched and iced. And then got a suuuuper yummy dinner! I had planned on going into the Old Town again, but then it started raining on my 2.5km walk into town so I shortened it and just went to the mall. Theres a tooon of places to eat in there and one of the restaurants was serving major yum yums! I got the baked eggplant stuffed with walnuts, spinach and mozzerella then covered in tomato sauce.. omg.. it was incredible. I need to go there again! I couldn't believe how yummy it was! It's crazy how you can find some amazing deals here if you look in the right places! My dinner cost me 19zl which is about $6 canadian. say waaaa! heyoooo! Gotta love that!

There was also something cool down there which marks it a monumental day.. toilets! Bahah! This marks the second weirdest place I've taken a potty break and I can now say I've peed both on top of a mountain and 125m underground!

Anyways that's my big day! Hope you all had wonderful ones too!

Love, love, love,


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