Monday, 2 September 2013

On Two Wheels

Well, I've definitely had a few more challenges this trip than I did last time, but I've been having a great time! Yesterday was rainy so I decided it would be a great day to do the salt mine tour! So I ran into town in the morning bought my ticket for the next leaving tour then ran back to the hotel to pack a lunch and such. I had to put on some pants and warmer clothes too and ended up being 5 mins late after I had to stop at the store which had a very unexpected line up at the cashier! I arrived saw a big bus and was like  yeeeeees! Went into the store to announce my arrival and get on the bus.. only to learn that mine had already left! Bah! Fortunately they were kind enough to defer my ticket to the next day so I'm leaving early this morning. Hahahah!

After that bombed, I noticed a flyer for the rent a bike place in Krakow and was reminded that I had wanted to do that! So I headed into the main square and quickly made buddies with the rent a bike guys. They spent about 30 mins with me going over possible options on where to ride. The park I really want to see looks really confusing to bike to.. so I decided to veedo that and opted for a easier route.. which ended up being too confusing anyways. I really need to get better at reading a map! Lol. Anyways, I had a lovely ride in the rain (they thought i was crazy for wanting to take a bike out in this weather..) went around the Planty again then headed water front crossed the bridge and did the whole coast line. I saw the coolest/weirdest thing!! They built a beach!! Theres this big barge that they put a swimming pool in and then on the hill above it they built a platform with a sandy beach! There's lawn chairs, umbrellas, a playground and beach volleyball courts! So cool!

Then kept going along the road to get to hopefully these lakes or monastery that most ppl want to see thats about 10km away from the main square.. well I did better than that and went way past the monastery and continued into the next town through the polish farm land. It was quite pretty!! Making it to the next town meant that I miss my turn however, lol so I headed back after having my peanut butter and banana sandwich. The way home was a lot quicker it seemed, but when I got into a little village I decided to try to go up on the curb so i wouldnt have to be close to the cars.. few as they may be.. i saw the lip of the curb and thought ohhhh no this is how i always fell as a kid... "no shannon, you can do it..."  BOOM! lol no shannon you still cant do it! blast! sooo embarrassing. I ate it, but had my helmet on and such so stayed safe, dont worry! Just a few new battle wounds to my poor shins n bruise on my hand. they have taken a hammering this year! but what falls off must get back on and after pickin up my pride.. or what was left of it i climbed back on and rode back to the waterfront and enjoyed riding for another hour. After returning my bike I headed home to warm up and drink my keffir, it's quite popular here! Did some laundry in the shower and chilled out to write my blog.

Later on I went out for dinner after looking at reviews online.. found a great restaurant called Dynia! It has italian food and is super affordable. I made the big trek there, which was a lot colder than I thought.. the sun had come out in the afternoon, but it didnt warm up much to my surprise! lol. I got the most amazing pasta! Never would have expected that in Poland, but hey good food is everywhere! And Italy is closer to Poland than it is to Canada! My spaghetti was a mountain of sundried tomatoes, eggplant, spinach and goat cheese! NOOOM! I ate the whole thing! Hahah I guess that isn't a surprise if you know me and my appetite, but I was even impressed that my tummy held it all!

Anyways, I better go so that I make sure I make my bus this time!! Hahahhaha

Love and laughs,


  1. Shannon - Great to hear about your daily adventures in Poland, looking forward to reading more! Take care, (try to avoid bike riding eh?) Love and hugs, Grandma

  2. Hahahaha awwww thanks grandma!! Yeah that curb always gets me! So silly!! Love you so much! Going to write up about my day shortly. :)