Thursday, 6 September 2012

Next steps!

Wooo! Just squeezed on the train! Check out went smoothly this morning at the hotel, I some how don’t seem to have gotten charged for my stinky laundry! (MADNESS! I didn’t attempt to ask, I just scurried outta there like someone who had just taken two free samples at the grocery store! RUN!)

It will be nice to get to the airport and have a coffee or three. I have packed pretty much all my hiking gear into my backpack to try to bring on as a carry on so that I wont have to worry if my luggage gets lost. Hopefully, I will still be able to take it on. Catrin (thank you my travel guru) didn’t seem to think there would be any issues, so fingers crossed! I guess I have been here for about a week and a half now which means my trip is halfway over. Crazy! It’s been so amazing! I am so fortunate to get to have such an experience! Being able to do this is so cool and just so completely unexpected. I still am in shock that it has happened! I absolutely love all my team Canada gear and you will not be able to get me out of it, I am sure! :P Everyone wanted to trade jackets and clothes at the closing ceremonies.. I was pretty much a baby holding onto hair like a vice clamp.. Not letting go! We have some sweet stuff! Both jackets rock! One is more windproof/water resistant from the Running Room and the other is more like a warm up jacket, both have the sweet thumb holes to help keep your hands toasty! Always a good thing for a Canadian with the circulation of a tree.. aka non existent!

"I swear that's never happened before!" Mid-run sheep ambush in Ponte di Legno!

I am really looking forward to meeting the people I will be touring with the next week and a half! I’m sure we will get along great. It will be interesting to see where they come from and hear about their lives. It’s been so cool being able to meet so many great people!

Anyways, I am off now to scavenge a granola bar.. Yes, I found some! Oh my goodness, and great news. I found the new Kellogs Crave cereal here too, even though no one eats cereal here! Just what I always wanted for breakie.. chocolate filled chunks of sugar and more chocolate! Hahahah okay busted.. not really. I could go for some oatmeal.. now NO ONE eats that here. We’ve had granola though for yogurt so that’s all good. Plus a mean Granny Smith this morning I stashed from yesterdays complimentary breakfast. ;)

Hope you have great nights and Ill talk to you soon!


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