Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Ciao, Milano! Salut, Chamonix!

Bonjour ma famile et mes amis !

Hanging out at the castle.. literally!

Je suis tres excite! I have spent the last 3 amazing days here in Milan! It's quite the city! Just so crazy to have these super old and intricate cathedrals and monuments then 5 star restaurants then old rustic castles and then the fancy prada stores, plus the subway systems that will forever faintly resemble the smell of urine? Why do they all smell like that? Hahaha. Nahhh, it's been super great here! I actually enjoyed myself even more than I thought I was going to. When you know where to go, you can really find some amazing gems! Of course, I have taken a ton of pictures! I think my count for this trip is up above 400 now.. and I haven't even started the next part yet! I found the hotel gym after multiple searches and for the first time today saw someone else in it! Whaaaat! I'm not the only one! Crazy! It will be really nice to get my gym back though.. I miss having proper equipment! Although you do get to feel a bit like you are in an 80's workout video in some of these! ;) I knew I shoulda brought my sweatbands! Hahahha. Oh! I saw an exhibit that featured davinci's original work! So cool! Gosh, that man was a serious thinker! I don't know how on earth he could ponder up these things!

 The food will be something that I miss the most. The pastas and breads.. it's every athletes dream.. mmm carbs! I had an amazing pasta tonight with squid ink pasta, shrimp, roasted cherry tomatoes, and shredded zucchini. It came with this amazing flat bread that I absolutely destroyed. Fresh out of the oven and still hot on the way to my tummy! Yummers!

Beautiful cathedral!

Everyone has been so friendly and so helpful here even though I am completely hopeless at Italian. It's fabulous! I feel very bad for the poor people who had to do my laundry though.. It's not my fault.. that stuff was so stinky and sweaty it wouldn't have made it though the airport security! I had to do something! Lol! Oh well.. speaking of airport security.. you might be asking why would that matter? WELL! Let me tell you!

The next portion of my trip starts before the crack of dawn tomorrow as I'll be checking out of my hotel around 5:00am in the morning to make my way to the train, which will take me to the airport, which will take me to Brussels, which will then take me to Geneva, which a shuttle will then take me to Chamonix! For the next 10 days, I will be out playing in the mountains again! Hurray! I am doing a guided 10 day tour called Trekking Monte Blanc! We are going to be hiking the Alps through France, Switzerland and Italy! I am sooo excited! Here is the link to the itinerary if you want some more info!!

Here's the route we are taking! There is about 135kms of hiking we are going to be doing through 7 days of hiking with one rest day half way through. :)

I might be able to squeak in a quick shout from Chamonix, but I'm not sure what the internet situation is there.. so if there is some I'll send out a quick shout! If you don't here from me for 10 days.. don't worry! I'm alive, I'm just pretending to be a bear! 

Love you beyond words,
Shanny Bear

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