Thursday, 6 September 2012

Bonjour Chamonix!

Ohhh my goodness! I missed you fresh air!

After arriving in Chamonix, the first thing I did was head out for a run! Being back in the trails and smelling the fresh sweet smell of trees, soil, flowers.. ahhhh what a dream! I can't wait to start our hike today!

It seems like its going to be a really fun group with a beautiful area! There are 13 of us going hiking and I stayed in a room with two other women last night that were so much fun! Rebecca and Cynthia! We were doing the typical girl thing of... "what are you bringing???" last night at about 11pm lol! Gotta  love it! I don't think we will be so glamorous on the trails though.. although I am going to be wearing my red little shorties today! It's supposed to be hot hot hot! Super excited!

Anyways, just had to squeeze in a quick see you later as I'll be off in the mountains.. which look incredible!.. for the next week and a bit! Hope you all are super well and I love you to bits!


Here are some awesome pictures from France!

View of the mountains from the plane to Geneva

Ahhhhh! This where I belong!

Fearsome mountains!


Pretty wild flowers

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