Sunday, 16 September 2012

Geneva: As seen through my running shoes

 Nothing beats a sunny day for a running tour of

I started off from my hotel this morning and darted off to the beautiful lake front walkway. On one side of you there are astounding views of the lake, fountain, and city and on the other side there are series of benches and sculptures.. There was lots of other runners out enjoying the beautiful
morning, too!
From here I ran to the Jardin Bontanique.. Amazing! There was these huge gardens, playgrounds, fountains, a carousel, restaurants, a conservatory, animals like flamingos, ducks, swans, goats, deer, and peacocks! Again, tons of lovely artwork and a never ending display of flowers and plants from around the world. I luckily avoided stepping on a cactus in the conservatory! 

It's important to take time to stop and smell the roses.. and that I did as I passed through the rose garden in the botanical gardens.

And then on words and upwards as I headed back along the waterfront on my way to the Old Town!
Yes! I love fresh air from the lake! 

I know I stated earlier that it is important to take time to smell the roses.. but I have to admit.. It's a ton of fun to run through them! This is from the English Rose Garden.

I may not be the most dignified or sophisticated visitor the English Rose Gardens have ever had..

Ahhhh, a beautiful morning! Time to head back to the hotel to refuel and receive nice compliments from some Swiss guys that I am, "parfait!" Hey, I'll take it!

Hope you all had a great day! This was the last full day of my adventures here in Europe and it has been absolutely, positively fantastic! My flight to Frankfurt leaves at 11:00am tomorrow so I'll be able to squeeze in a workout and some yummy breakfast before I leave! I'm so excited! I treated myself to the spa tonight. The steam room here has little lights in the ceiling that look like stars and change colours every once and a while.. SO COOL! Anyways, after Frankfurt it's another long haul back home to Vancouver! Weird to be leaving Frankfurt at 2:30pm on Sept 17th and then arriving at 4:05pm on Sept 17th in Vancouver. I'm going to pretend they invented a way to travel like aliens and take the less than two hour flight time as opposed to the old human way to fly at over 10hours. ;)

Love you 


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