Thursday, 29 August 2013

Fly Time!

Well, well, well.. I can’t believe how fast the last few months have flown by! And when I say flown, I mean really fly, like how I’m in the air right now! It’s been the summer of my dreams.. each weekend Joel and I have conquered mountains both near and in Whistler. The sights, smells, sounds and stinky socks have been unreal!!! Crazily enough, this is the first weekend I don’t have plans to run a mountain.. but that could always change.. Zakopane is supposed to be beautiful…

Anyways, that leads me to my point! I’m on my way to Poland for the 2013 World Mountain Running Championships at the moment! It’s been a long plane ride thus far, but really good! Bringing snacks on was definitely smart and I have enjoyed having my bagel and cream cheese. The little pasta dinners are a lot smaller than my normal plate! Bahha! I did pull together the pieces on the tray and make a little sandwich too though! That was a tastier way to eat the littte assortment! And yes, I was that weirdo doing lunges, squats and calf raises as well as stretching and rolling my feet about 2 hours into the flight. Hahahha! I managed to drift in and out of sleep for maybe an hour or so.. better than last time! Too excited to sleep now though, plus we are almost ready for our breakfast.. and landing in Frankfurt in 2 hours. Its starting to feel a lot more real now and I’m getting pumped for arriving!

Just wanted to give you an update and thanks to all my wonderful friends, family, acquaintences and running community for all the love and support. Its been inredible to know I have so many people behind me.. even if they just met me! What an amazing feeling!!

More updates to come, but take care for now. Love you all so much!

Ps. I figured out a new favourite saying the other day.. I duno if someone else said it.. im sure they have but I guess I will too if that’s the case:

Run happy, live happy, be happy J


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