Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spirit Trail

On the trail again.. just can't wait to be on the trail again! 

Oh wait, I was! Hahah! I've been running the West Vancouver seawall quite a bit these last few weeks (I love the feeling of serenity you get from being close to water) and have been drooling over it, but there was only one problem.. Too short! I wasn't ready for my run to be over by the time I had finished the route. So I started repeating sections before doubling back, which is fine and dandy but people start to wonder if you are crazy when you keep running back and forth past them.. or at least that's the impression I got from a few confused faces. Maybe they were just jealous? ;) Kidding! Ha! Anyways, I thought I'd try a new way to extend the run without sending off the kookoo alarms. Drumroll, please...

Introducing the amazing North Shore Spirit Trail!
This trail connects North Vancouver to West Vancouver almost all along the waterfront! There are some sections that meander through parks and across some streets, but you also connect right over to the Ambleside dog park and eventually seawall! B-e-a-utiful! I highly recommend this route if you are looking for a flat easy run with some fresh sea air! Just keep your eyes out for cyclists and let your spirit (and shoes) run wild! 

Don't worry about seagulls checkin you out either.. they are like your fan base and paparazzi without the cameras. (Sunrise is a few cups of coffee too early for photos) 
The return trip is around 17-18km, so a nice amount especially with a handheld (you can fill up at several spots on the West Vancouver seawall)
Also, if you are lucky some massive waves will come crashing in and cool your hardworking body down a bit! Ahhh refreshing! (Just close your mouth.. or maybe this can be the new way to get your electrolytes?)


Big smiles and love always :)

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