Wednesday, 27 March 2013

National Mountain Running Championships 2013- I Smell You!

Hey.. I smell something.. something like stinky running shoes mixed with trees.. and what's that?? Do I hear French?! It must be the 2013 National Mountain Running Championships approaching! This year they are taking place on Mont Sutton in Quebec and good news, folks, I've registered! Bought flight tickets yesterday, rented a car and booked my lodgings this afternoon! It's really happening now!! Time to dust off the old French 12 textbooks.. they gotta be around here somewhere? I guess the chances of that are pretty slim.. I'm a bit of a neat freak and don't tend to keep those things that would one day be awesome.. like all my French class notes.. blast! Hahahaha! C'est dommage! I will have to use the trusty iPhone or something.. there's gotta be an ap for that! Anyways, I'm very excited! I've been getting back into running tons the last few weeks after taking some time to do more cross-training to rest some aches and pains. It feels so great to be back up and free! There's nothing like the feeling of it! I ran the beautiful Baden Powell from Lynn Canyon to Quarry Rock and back on Monday and, gosh, it was just the BEST! Muscles burning, smiles from ear to ear and muddy, muddy legs! Its going to be a very intense and great competition out there in Quebec! I'm very excited to see what the mountains are like out there and see so many great runners! I will be trying my absolute best and that's all that matters to me! Can't wait for all the fun to be had and hard training to come!! Yay!!
Here's a picture from my sunrise run along the West Vancouver seawall last week.. Absolutely stunning. 

If things go well and I am able to finish in the top 3 females, I will qualify to make the Canadian National Mountain Running Team again and this time the World Championships are in Poland in September! Fingers crossed! I would love to see Poland! I've never been there! And I've never been to Quebec so I get to see something new here in Canada too!!

Here's the link to the race's website! :

Anyways, just had to put up an update! I hope to try my hand at a few races before then... and definitely a lot more baking.. so keep your eyes peeled! ;)

Love to you all and thanks so much for all your support!


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