Thursday, 30 May 2013

En Route to the National Mountain Running Championships in Quebec!

Hey all!!

I can't believe it!!! It's actually time! After a final weekend of intense mountain running.. Joel and I tackled running up and down 3 mountains in record time on Sunday!! I'm here at YVR and waiting to board my plane. This last month has just flown by so quickly! It's been full of hard training, amazing runs, tons of support and a few great races! This weekend will sure be a fabulous challenge! I'm sure the east hosts a bunch of incredible trail racers that I have never met yet so I am very excited and a lil nervous for the race! All i know is that I'm going to run hard, run fast, try my best and enjoy every minute! (even the burning quads and dripping sweat!) Looks like the forecast is for thunder showers so maybe dodging some lightening will give me a extra skip in my step! Or if I'm not fast enough to avoid it.. the lightening should give me an extra jolt of speed! Hahahaha! Zaaap! Apparently, it's supposed to be VERY hot and humid.. temperatures around 30 degrees but are supposed to feel like 37!!! Eeeep! Never tried to run in something like that before!

Anyways, just wanted to give a quick check in before my flight to update you all! The National Championships are 11.8km and should be a wild ride! They take place at Mont Sutton and start at 10:00am!

Here's a link to Breathe Magazine who is providing coverage of the event:

Here's the link to the races website for more info on the race:

Thanks so much to everyone for all of your love and support, it means the world to me! I will run extra hard for you all!! Talk to you soon!!


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