Sunday, 4 May 2014

BMO Van Marathon

Sunday Runday.. time for the BMO Van Marathon!

High jump mat pre-race snuggles!
Pitter Patter, Splitter Splatter.. that was the sound of rain pounding on the roof as we went to bed last night.. we dreamed that hopefully it might rain itself out, but we definitely woke put to that same noise of rain hitting the house! Everything went super smoothly this morning! We had even pre booked a cab the night before and much to our joy it arrived early even! (absolutely recommend this for getting to a race! you can prebook online too!). We arrived at the race early, but maybe a little too early due to the poor weather. It was rainy and chilly and we soon found ourselves wandering around looking for shelter. We lucked out majorly to find a spot on a gymnastics landing pad (like the one's used in high jump) that was under cover. Fellow runners had grabbed sweaters left behind to sit on and shared them with us to use as blankets.. ahhhh sweet cozy seating!

Joel at start- notice the ninja fight behind us? Or just the rain?
The race started and we were off with a quick speed running into the rain! We kicked off faster than we had anticipated, but held strong for the first half having a blast and cheering along with the supporters on the side of the road. After half way that's when we needed to dig a little deeper and pace ourselves more. It was so great to see so many friendly faces, funny signs and positive encouragement of people braving the rain to come support us runners (even if we were strangers to them). Everything was going well, then Joel was starting to feel some tightness in his legs and really started to feel it around the Burrard Street Bridge. He faced his biggest challenge crashing a few km after the 30km mark, but he persevered to run to the finish. The thought that the last 1km didn't really count because of all the crowds cheering us on was something that made the adversity less impossible to defeat. We came to run together and we did- even saving the energy to hold hands and heel kick together at the finish line.
We're going to run, yeah?

It was an absolute honour to run for not only my sponsors: Kintec/North Shore Athletics and Nutrition House Robson Street. On top of this we couldn't have been more thrilled to represent Kidsafe Project Society (helping venerable children in East Van by providing recreational activities for kids, safe transportation and healthy nutrition) and Team Finn (honouring the memory of Finn and helping families and children faced with cancer).

10 Things We Learnt in our First Road Marathon:

  1. Check weather forecast of race day the entire week before and monitor it like a mother hen.. it changes! 
  2. Pre-race prep is just as important and post race recovery. Rest, Roll, Stretch, Hydrate, Nourish and treat your body right! 
  3. Pack the "Bear Necessities!". (If you know the Jungle Book, YOU know what I'm talking about!)
  4. Recuit friends to cheer you on and pass you goodies like water, food and highfives. 
  5. Drink water and electrolytes no matter the weather... turns out you still sweat in the rain. Doh. 
  6. Wear proper footwear. Yes. We saw someone in BAREFEET! We prefer our Hoka One One's. 
  7. You are probably going to be sore. Oh wait. You WILL be sore after running 42.2km on road. 
  8. Smiles and positivity are contagious. Share some energy and you'll refill your own battery off the energy of the crowd. 
  9. Enjoy the moment. You are doing something amazing. 
  10. Marathon's are like tattoos. After swearing you'll never do it again from the pain.. the pain goes away and you can't wait for the next one! -Joel

Joel nearing the finish line!
Shanny nearing the finish line!

Run Happy! 

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