Tuesday, 13 May 2014

5 Peaks Golden Ears- Post Marathon

Look I'm Rainforest running! Pic by Rob Shaer

So when people use the expression.. feels like I just ran a marathon.. I think i get what that means now! I have to say I didn't really before. During the BMO Vancouver marathon last weekend I felt great! Never hit a low, always felt like I could keep going. Sure my legs felt tired and sore during the last 10km, but never too hard to handle. I was absolutely shocked by this to be honest! lol I thought i would have been in lots of pain and low, but I guess i got lucky! Immediately after the marathon, walking was painful and hard but after sleeping it off I felt surpringly little damage. I had a few bits of soreness and some tired tingles in my legs, but heck i have felt destroyed after mere little 8km races before so this was nothing! Recovery week was frustrating and hard, but I took 2 rest days after the race then just did light cardio on the elliptical for 2 days and then one last rest day on Friday and felt g-o-o-d! Knowing I had the 14km race the next day it made it more acceptable to me to be resting on Friday too and I felt like I was going to be good to rock the race not feeling too much weaker than normal. 

Me and Laura, top females. Pic by Rob Shaer
Then the race started on Saturday morning. And that's when I discovered what it feels like to run a marathon. The 5 Peaks Golden Ears race is a stunning race through some of the most beautiful forest in my opinion. Joel and I kicked off at the start near the front and right away I could feel the extra effort of each step. The uphills were my killer. I watched as one of my amazing competitors Laura flew ahead adding more and more distance between us. It was pretty demoralizing. I felt so slow going up the hills and know my pace dropped radically. For some reason that seemed to be the area where I felt the marathon the most. Head down and focusing i really pushed myself to make up time on the downs and flats and kept encouraging myself. Flying down some of that technical terrain literally flew by.. I was just throwing feet in front of the other, but seeing my rainbow socks running through the forest made my smile inside! Hahaha You can't help but feel a little bit like a magical fairy when you wear rainbow socks in a forest so mossy and green it could be enchanted. 

Best running onesie ever! Highfives to that! Pic by Rob Shaer
 Sure enough, running a marathon did do a lot of damage and that was a big lesson to me. I expected to be weaker, but since I felt fine all week I didn't think I had done that much damage. Regardless, I managed to hold my own and place 2nd female overall with a time of 1:12:31, a lot slower than the 1:07 something of last year, but environmental conditions were different this time too (lots of river crossings and slippery bridges forced lots of slowing down) and internal conditions were different (my muscles had sleepy faces). Im really proud that I was able to do so well and convince my body to work as the machine it can be even though it was clearly still fatigued. I was proud to represent the Kintec Race Team and be an Ambassador for the 5 Peaks Trail Running Series during this race. 

Pic by Rob Shaer, Joel in action!
 Joel had a great race, beating me and coming in with a time of 1:11:21! I know he wasn't feeling 100% on his game and feeling some aches and pains from the marathon and ball hockey but didn't let that hold him back. It was awesome to watch him destroy the hills, especially Incline Hill. Incline Hill is literally that.. a straight incline up a hill that keeps going and going and gooooooing! Very proud of him!

One of the best parts of a 5 Peaks Race is the amazing organization and support in it. The race directors Solana and her Husband Jay did an amazing job! It was fabulous! So great being able to see our running friends and hang out at the race with Chloe, James, Jeff, Mariah, Rob and so many more! Chloe was even the bunny for the kids race! I have to admit she did a great job and almost beat all the kids! ;)  Thanks for the awesome photography as always by Rob Shaer! 

Good news, now its time to recover and get back in the gym! 

Talk soon and happy feet!


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