Friday, 4 April 2014

Pearl Izumi Trail N1 Neutral Race Shoe Review

At first glance, you can tell the Pearl Izumi N1 Trail neutral race shoe is sure to take your feet great places. It's sleek form hugs nicely to your foot allowing you to really feel the trail. Though the shoe is light weight, there is enough cushioning that your feet are never beat up by the rocks, sticks and other obstacles found in nature. Instead you can feel what is beneath you to use it to your advantage increasing speed and stability. It also encourages the feeling of being one with the trail.

Shannon Penway flying up Lynn Peak in the Pearl Izumi Trail N1's.
This shoe is best for technical trail running due to the light weight, close fit and great tread. The tread on the bottom is designed to grip whatever the forest throws your way performs nicely on all sorts of terrain. I found it gripped best on gravel, soft packed dirt, loose rock and boulder. As to be expected with a lot of shoes, water decreased the traction and made roots and logs slippery. A word to the wise, if you step in a puddle your feet will get wet! The Pearl Izumi N1's performed quite well in hard packed snow and ice, gripping well both in uphill motion and downhill.

My top highlights of the Pearl Izumi' Trail N1 neutral race shoes are:

  1. Close fit. It feels like you are wearing slippers on your feet.
  2. Light weight. These shoes made it easy to run without weighing you down with additional bulk. 
  3. Colour. Hahaha, I love the pink! 

Another perk of this shoe is that orthotics seem to fit in easily without impacting the performance of the shoe. There was also no extra movement in the shoe due to the orthotics either.

Overall, I am highly impressed with this shoe and would recommend it to anyone heading out for some trail running fun!

Happy feet,

Shannon Penway
Kintec Race Team Member

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