Sunday, 9 March 2014

CARE Canada 103km Charity Relay

Joel with downtown Vancouver behind him
There are some incredible people in the world doing amazing things for others and one of these people is Sarah Jamieson. She set a goal for herself years back to raise $1,000,000 for charity and each year she becomes closer and closer to reaching that goal! Joel and I were fortunate enough to be able to connect with her for one of her fundraisers this year, Walk in Her Shoes. This was a 103km relay run to raise money and awareness for the equal access to nutrition and food for women in Mali. This relay was with CARE Canada, who have an amazing partnership with the Canadian government who promised to triple every dollar raised. The relay was broken down into several different legs with multiple runners- here's our experience today:

Shanny running in front of Downtown Vancouver

We woke up to the bright sunshine streaming in through our window and we couldn't have been more thrilled that today was the day for our run! (especially after the monsoon of a day yesterday!) Since we knew it was only going to be an 11km leg for us to run today, we decided to make it a bit longer by being our own transport to the run start. Therefore, we ran both to the leg start and back home! B-e-a-u-tiful! We have to admit that we were seriously spoiled having the best leg of the relay, the Vancouver seawall around Stanley Park. As we approached the start of the leg, we noticed there was already a MEC race in progress and the frantic waving of MEC staff members who mistakenly thought that we were lost runners from their race. Smiling and waving back we kept going, much to their confusion! Rounding the corner, we saw Sarah and several other supporters with bright orange signs ready to pass the "baton" on to us. 
Joel rounding the corner at Salish Rock

It was a orange shoe baton! Joel instantly decided we needed to run with it, even though they said we didn't need to. But let's be real, he figured that if we are doing a relay, we need a baton. Grabbing the baton we went on our way. Seawall running is always beautiful and we saw a ton of other runners all out training or racing for various reasons. 

Before we knew it the seawall was done and we were at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre. It was there we had to pass on the baton to the next team of runners for their leg. It was great to have so many supporters and runners to meet us at the end of our leg! But our run wasn't done there, we still had around 6km left to get home! We headed back onto the seawall and down under the bridges and to Science World and then back onto the road to home to make our run a total of 23km! 
Shanny under the Lions Gate Bridge

It ended up being a beautiful day for a run and a beautiful reason to run! Thanks so much to Sarah and the CARE Canada team for letting us be a part of their goal and for letting us use our running to help support others. It's really amazing what people can do when they aim to help others. All it takes is a little motivation and a little energy. At the end of the day there was 57 runners who raised $7,500 which the government is going to match 3:1- meaning the total money raised will be around $22,500!

What a way to spend a sunny Sunday!

Happy feet,
Shanny and Joel
Shanny, Sarah and Joel

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