Saturday, 1 February 2014

Sky High: here we come Costa Rica!

It's finally time!!! Time to fly!! Literally! I'm writing this from the air right now! Joel and I have been working our butts off with training and building up to this experience and now it's finally time! In just a few hours we will be arriving in Costa Rica for the run of our lives! We will be competing in #thecoastalchallenge2014 in honour of Joel's mom, Lorraine, who is now happily in remission after fighting colon cancer.

Lorraine's courage, determination, strength and positivity is truly an inspiration to us and we want to honour her by doing this run and raising money for cancer research in her name. The BC Cancer Foundation is our charity of choice and we are proud to say we have raised over $3000 already to help those who are fighting the same fight! We will be accepting donations through our campaign page called "Running 4 a Cause" all the way through our race an after. 

Here's the link to our site: 

We are both so excited for this opportunity to help others with our passion and be able to experience something truly amazing. We will be faced with 6 days and over 165km of running through the jungles of Costa Rica sooner than we know! We are just in the air flying to San Jose and about to have some more delicious fuel after we were greatly surprised at the gates by being upgraded to first class! Heck!! What a way to fly!! 

This adventure wouldn't be possible without the most important thing for us athletes: nutrition and gear! We have to thank Nutrition House Robson Street for sponsoring us endurance runners! They have provided us with the protien, greens, omegas, energy, vitamins, bars and endless other health supplements that we need to perform our best!! Thank you so much!

Another shout out to Kintec and North Shore Athletics for helping us with our gear!! New shoes and sunglasses are essential for the trail run we are about to take on! On top of this they even screened our uniforms for us!! Talk about setting us up for the race! Thank you!! 

We'll keep you posted on our trip at all the stops we can through our delorme Inreach. Look for updates on Facebook!! 

Love you all and happiest of feet to you!!

Shanny and Joel, a @coupleofrunners

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