Saturday, 1 February 2014

Day 1: Running 4 a Cause

Shannon Penway and I's first day in Costa has been unreal. Just had our 2nd dinner, maybe our 3rd actually. Working on only 1 hr of sleep since leaving vancouver. We went for a run as soon as we got checked in, then sat by the pool to do some stretching/rolling but mostly work on my tan. And i got burnt!! Lol We then managed to grab a cab dtown San Jose to find the tattoo shop im getting work done at. Wow!! That was interesting!! Happy to announce that the shop was squeaky clean and my appointment was still in theyre books since october. We are just finishing up packing for a 3am wake up call. We r 2 hrs ahead here. Big day tomorrow!!! We r both feeling good!!!! Ciao for now!!

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