Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Trans Canada Trail

The Trans Canada Trail runs all the way across our beautiful country. It has a mix of forested trail, gravel trail, paved road and everything you can imagine and Joel and I decided to pay it a visit for the first time in Vancouver this winter! We started the trail just by the second narrows road and were greeted by beautiful views of the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge as our feet pounded the frozen trail. We were very happy with the simple easy running on this well groomed trail compared to our normal technical runs that involve lots of fancy footwork and mid air turns.. well only sometimes.. and only when you are going to trip. Hahaha.

It was a gorgeous morning. Blue skies, frost on the ground, mountain views and treats to our feet made it a enjoyable trot! We were soon shedding layers as the sun rays provided a welcome warming of the winter air. Kilometres ran by.. or maybe we ran them, but regardless, the numbers on our watches kept going up as we checked our watches in awe. It felt like we were flying on this easy terrain and accessible trail! The next thing we knew we were at SFU!

Smiling faces and people going for Sunday brunch at Horizons restaurant looked curiously at us as we had our Accel Gel rapid energy gels. Nutrition House Robson Street provided us with these gels and we can't get enough of them! They are amazing. Instead of only being carbs, it has a 4:1 carbohydrate protein formula that means that it not only provides our body with the energy they need, but also the protein to help build stronger muscles as well. It contains other vitamins as well such as vitamin C and E. We highly recommend this gel to anyone running not only because of these benefits, but also because the gel itself has a great consistency. It's not too thick like some other gels that can make them hard to consume, yet it's not too watery that it doesn't taste substantial. It's the perfect consistency to swallow quickly without having it coat your mouth or have to chase it with lots of water. We have tried the vanilla and strawberry kiwi flavours and loved them both! Top marks to Accel Gel!!

We toured around SFU through some fun trails then headed home rounding off our run around 27km. Zoom, Zoom!! Oh yea... AND the new pairs of Speed Cross 3s were awesome.. as usual!

We are getting so excited for our run in Costa Rica and are really enjoying building up our milage again!! Can't wait for more!

Happy feet and feats to you all,

Joel and Shanny

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