Friday, 20 December 2013

Joffre Lakes Winter Trail Running in the Snow

Hey Folks! Sorry for the long delay in posts! It's been a whirl wind these last few months! Joel and I have been training hard and battling all challenges that runners must face eventually.. injuries and sickness! I spend most of October coughing up a lung.. almost literally. It kept me up nights and consequently Joel too! Sorry!! After 3 weeks of coughing it was coming close to race day and it was happening no matter what so Joel and I threw on costumes that only super people wear.. Superhero costumes. He rocked the best costume of the day in a full body Flash costume including face mask and I wore a super girl costume with little socks that had capes too! Now you may be thinking this was for a 5km run or something silly.. But no. this was for our first official trail marathon. Now we have ran this distance and further before, with our longest being 50km, but this was a 42km trail marathon with just under 2000m elevation gain.. IN FULL COSTUME! BOOM! Hahahha! What a riot! It was amazing. Extrememly challenging, but so rewarding and so funny to look up when all you wanted to do was quit but see the Flash running ahead of you. Talk about a motivation! Plus seeing all the confused faces as we ran down the trails of random hikers and bikers was great! Hahahha It was the Hallows Eve Trail Race created by Peter Watson. Absolutely fabulous. Part of the Mountain Madness Series and I would reccomened it to anyone! We finished the race strong despite my struggles with the hills and coughing fits and eneding up placing mid pack with a time of 5hrs and 9 minutes and of course.. holding hands! What a thrill!

Unfortunately, 2 days after the race I started getting chest pains and was suprised to learn that I had pneumonia. Whoopsies! A tough week off of exercise and antibiotics cured me up but the lung pain stuck around for a few weeks. I have to say the hardest part was the mental and emotional challenge of not being able to do anything that hurt the most. Joel has his back flare up too after playing floorhockey post marathon and cranking out a rough leg workout day. This caused him to be out from running for several weeks as he got chiro treatment and rehabbed.

I'm pleased to annouce that we are both back up and at her! Loving our morning gym work outs and weekend runs with new friends such as Chloe and Jeff, who are featured in this movie with us. This clip was created by Jeff Pelletier on his GoPro during our first run back: Joffre Lakes!

Check it out! It really shows what our running is all about! Fun, adventure, challenge and beautiful sights!

I have an exciting post coming up next so stay tuned for more news on The Coastal Challenge! :)

Love and Hugs and Happy Feet!


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