Sunday, 29 December 2013

Garibaldi Lake Winter Wonderland

Good evening friends! 

Hope you are all doing well! Well tis the season for snow and we absolutely found winter in Whistler, BC this winter break! Now we spent almost every weekend this summer running mountains up in the Whistler area, but today we got our second dose of a winterized Whistler! We had a blast skiing and snowboarding with friends and then the next day we did what we do best: trail running! As we drove out to the trailhead we had our Muscle Milk premade protein shakes.. It's hard to say what flavour is better.. Chocolate or Vanilla?? And those are just the two that we get the most! 

We decided to take on Garibaldi Lake as we had done the trail in the summer a few times to access different landmarks such as Black Tusk, Garibaldi Lake, Helm's Pass, and Panorama Ridge, but this time we were putting on layers instead of taking them off as we huffed and puffed up the 9km of vertical switchbacks. 

It all started off with slipping and sliding in the car up a snowy slushy road after which we decided it would be best to park on the side of it and just run up the rest of the way in order to avoid getting stuck! No more of that! There were some tracks on the road from days earlier so we knew that there had been snowshoers up there to pack down the trail a bit. Unfortunately, the tire tracks weren't the only tracks in the snow.. we got out of the car to come face to face with these!!

AhhhhhHhhhhh!!!! Cougars? Nahhh, bears we think. The tracks continued up the road roaming around for about 1km when we reached the trail head to find a sign saying "Bear in Area". Talk about scary! We must have been around several and ran all the same routes in the summer, but it's different when you can't see the evidence they are there! Very weird to see those too as it was so late in the season. Bears should be hibernating! Anyways, we prevailed and took step after step to make it up the slushy slippery trail taking some energy gels that Nutrition House Robson Street supplied us. 

After we climbed for several hundred metres, we leveled out and took the branch to take us to Garibaldi Lake. As we continued running, the trail became more and more snowy as the snow started falling with flourish from the sky. It was absolutely magical! Snowy footprints, powder white trees and frozen lakes made it a true winter wonderland. Upon arriving at Garibaldi Lake, the snow was falling even heavier and cold gusts challenged us to keep warm. No time for diddle-daddling or we'd freeze! So we ate our NoGii protein bars happily as we ran and came across something we'd yet to see.. an igloo! Someone must have done some authentic winter camping up at the lake! 

It was stunning being at the frozen Garibaldi Lake even if we were caught in the snow storm to view it! A great run fueled by Nutrition House Robson Street and featuring mother nature. There is nothing that makes our feet happier than a great run out in the mountains!! (Well.. they sure like a roll with a lacrosse ball and sitting up on the couch post run too! I'll be honest! lol!) 

Happy Feet and Feats to you all! Hope you have had some wonderful feasts over the holiday season! I know Joel and I sure have been spoiled with delicious family dinners! Yum!!

Happy Holidays!

Shanny and Joel

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