Thursday, 19 September 2013

Brandywine Meadows

Back home and less than 48hours later I was back where I belong.. On the trails in Whistler! Joel and I found ourselves on quite the running adventure on what was supposed it be a nice easy day! Hahah, both of us were thrilled at the idea to make it harder! Our goal was to run Brandywine Meadows so on the first attempt to get there we drove past the turn off which led us to Brandywine Falls. Seeing as we were already there and wanted to check it out we hit the ground running!! Boy, what a great thing we did! It was beautiful there. Super easy manicured trail and nice water/mountain scenery... Just the way to start the day! 

Next we faced a gruelling run and power hike up this dirt road which provided no shade at all! Knowing the trail was only supposed to be 3km we pursued but soon found ourselves faced with a sign saying end of the trail! What?! Lol! Clearly we were on the wrong trail! Bummer, but heck extra training?! Yes please! Lol

After retracing our steps we got back to the truck and sure enough... The trail head was right there.. We went the exact opposite direction! Hahahaha! Doh! 

A quick refuel of sandwich and electrolytes sent us up the proper trail and into the forest! What a steep climb! It could have been the two runs before, but that sure was a challenging struggle up the hill to the Brandywine Meadows! Boy, was it ever worth it!! It was beautiful!! Mountain streams running through the meadows between mountains.. Now that's what I'm talking about!! And nothing heals the legs after a sore uphill than a glacier fed icebath!! 

A day with not only 1, nor 2, but 3 runs?! Talk about a dream come true! Then top that off with $10 pasta night at Quattro?! Life is good!!!

Love and hugs!

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