Saturday, 20 July 2013

Another Fabulous 5!

Wowie! It's been a while since my last race, but that time has been filled with some incredible running up in Whistler! Talk about a beautiful place to play in the mountains (in winter OR summer!) I've just discovered the joy of the summer time in Whistler after going up there for the past 3 weekends as Joel has been working up there doing an awesome renovation on a kitchen up there. But that will be a seperate post as there's much to tell AND show! Pictures galore, I tell you! Anyways, on with the race recap!

Today was the 3rd 5 Peaks trail race of the season up at Cypress Mountain and what a day we had for it! Lovely sun and warm temperatures!! So much better than last year when I ran the 2012 NACAC Championships on the same day as the 5 Peaks Cypress race last year. I thought I was either going to get hypothermia or my butt would literally freeze off. Like.. it would be on the trail beside me mooning me. Bahahha! Not the case today though folks! It was hot, hot, hot! Joel and I had a lovely carbo loading pasta extravaganza last night with a whole wheat pasta, homemade roasted tomato and garlic sauce and tons of roasted veggies like zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, red onion, mushrooms and chorizo. With of course, fresh baguette and homemade bruschetta to start! mmmmmmm! CARBS!! NOM!

We got there with plenty of time at 8:00am and I was able to register right away and start warming up with no waits for the port-a-potties! (now every runner knows that in itself is a dream come true!) A nice toasty warm up in my new Asics running outfit from North Shore Athletics the night before had me ready to rumble! Starting off the race was single track almost immediately which lead for a little bit of slowing and shuffling and some last minute jumps over rocks and roots, but soon enough it spread out and we had some breathing room! Its always a bit of a challenge when the sport racers and enduro racers start at the same time because you don't know who you are racing against and risk burning out too early trying to catch the shorter distance runners. As I normally do though, I just ran to what felt good! The massive downhilll section had me flying down and passing lots of people which is always a ton of fun and great feeling! Unfortunately, sometimes in trail racing what goes down must come up and bleh! Laura was right as we speculated about if we would have to go back on the incline near the bottom of it. Laura, Joel and I had some laughs a bit into it and it was so much fun to feel like part of a team taking on the course! All out there being healthy, active and outdoors while pushing ourselves to be the best that we can be! Oh and to answer our question: Yes, we had to go back up! I found I was struggling more on the uphill climbs today, but kept my head on and my feet moving at a great pace.

Photography by Rob Shaer
Thank goodness, I decided to bring my Nathan handheld of water or it would have been a ton tougher! That little bit of hydration goes a long way! I'm really happy with how I pushed myself on this race, Joel and I kept a perfect pace that allowed us to push hard but never crash out. We ran the race together as we have been running together for the last weekends and it was so awesome to have someone to run with. Coming into the last half of the race there were some hard and hot open climbs in the scorching sun that were pretty daunting, but we trucked up them and ran fast down and soon we were nearing the finish line which seemed pretty darn far away! I could have sworn we were on the home stretch and even said so when we were about 11km in! Luckily the remaining portion felt good and we powered through and were able to bust out a last sprint at the end and cross the finish line holding hands! We placed very well with Joel coming 4th in his age category and I placed 2nd in my age category and overall for females. It was so incredible to be able to run that whole race together!

After the race we chatted to even more wonderful people while we waited for the awards ceremony and I guzzled water and hydration drinks like a camel. (it was tough with no water stations I was able to access on course!)

Thanks to all the amazing volunteers, organizers, sponsors, photographers, staff and participants for another amazing trail running experience. The trail running community is one of the greatest and most supportive out there and I am so happy to be able to be a part of it!

From my stinky feet to yours (well maybe yours don't stink),


Love, smiles and hugs xo

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